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About Us

Through The Saintuary Christian Nightclub, God has provided a ministry, which projects beyond the traditional boundaries of religious strongholds.   As an “Outside the Box” experience, The Saintuary provides an uncompromising alternative for believers to dance, perform, enjoy live entertainment and network with others who share the same need for freedom of expression.


Back in December 2004 while contemplating on the fact that there are Christians that go to clubs just to dance and have a good time (although innocent in their intentions) helped me realize that there is nowhere for us to go without compromising our Christianity.

I think that the images of the night clubs are wrong and when young people grow up they want to go to these places because its part of our culture. Ask yourself, what are these clubs promoting? Drunkenness, sexual immorality, lewd behavior, and inappropriate dance. Why should you surround yourself as a Christian in a place where Christ is not welcome! Where else do we have to go to let loose and have a good time without conforming? Nowhere!

While riding in the truck at work, God began to speak to me about creating a Christian Club with a total Christian experience. The club would include scriptural decorations, different Christian venues (music, comedy, bands, live DJ’s, spoken word), giving people a chance to see that Christians can have fun. At the time, it was an idea that just popped into my head, and I didn’t agree with it at first-saying to myself Christian and club just don’t sound right together. I just felt at the time it was a way of conforming and I definitely didn’t want to do that. I had dismissed the idea, but when it didn’t go away, I knew it was from God, especially when I was given the name, even down to the exact spelling. God further confirmed this vision when I started realizing through the scriptures that music was created to praise God and Satan had stolen it. So this is our way of taking it back and using it for what it was originally intended for.

I realize that clubs cost a lot of money, which I don’t have. The way I believe it was shown to me was to rent out different halls to hold an event called “The Saintuary.” The event is to be held every three to four months in order to get people familiar with the idea of a Christian club, and to build up clientele. We plan on raising the funds to actually buy a building in a permanent location for “The Saintuary.” I have accepted the fact that it was indeed from God. I told God okay, but how am I going to find a DJ that plays Christian hip-hop. A few days later while I was looking in the paper, I saw an article on the front page about a DJ that was spinning Christian hip-hop. So immediately I contacted the paper, they put me in contact with the DJ who agreed to volunteer his time to help me with the vision. He also has experience in promoting, which is an area that I needed to cover.

At that point I prayed that God would put the people in my life to fulfill this vision. To date, he has put numerous people in my life to help with this vision. I have received only positive feedback from everyone that the idea has been shared with. So I am fully committing my time and efforts to this vision because it’s not just about the club and having a good time, first and foremost it’s about winning souls for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

To draw people to Christ while providing a familiar setting with a Godly atmosphere.

A place for unsaved people to have the chance to be in a Christ filled place other than church.

To give young people a chance to be around Christ centered people their age.

To providea place showing people that you can have fun praising the Lord without the profane music, drinking, or ungodly conduct that our culture promotes.

Giving people a chance to experience wholesome values and The Gospel in a way they can understanding, while providing a place for Christians to fellowship with their peers.

Psalm 149:3

Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him…